Cannon Gun Safe ReviewsIt’s very important to buy a proper gun safe to protect your priceless valuables and ammunition. The obvious choice will be to read the cannon gun safe reviews in this article. Cannon gun safe products are manufactured especially by Cannon Safe Inc.

This company manufacture safes that are suitable for both home and office use. They include state-of-the-art features that cannot be matched of any other brand. They always design it to withstand disasters, floods, fire, water and burglary. Overall, it’s worth to read the cannon gun safe reviews.

Cannon Safe is one of the frequently recommended brand for storing large guns in huge quantity. These are not ideal for storing 2-3 small handguns such as a pistol.

Most of their products can store from a range of 20-50 guns inside the safe. It’s a company that is based on San Bernardino, California. They have over 45 years of experience in this field. Cannon Safe brand is the industry-leading brand that never comprise on quality for any reason. Click button below to read more cannon gun safe reviews details.


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Top 3 Cannon Gun Safe Reviews Recommendations – Best Picks

Cannon Safe Inc. offer a wide range of safes based on different styles. It’s categorized into 5 different series which areCannon, Commander, Armory, Patriot and Scout.

Each of these series has different gun capacity, features and advantages. The best part is they provide lifetime warranty as long as you own a Cannon Safe product. Now let’s look at the best 3 cannon challenger cannon gun safe reviews below.

1. Cannon Safe S14 Scout Series Fire Safe

Cannon Safe S14 Scout Series Fire Safe

Cannon Safe S14 is one of the ideal cannon gun safe reviews in this site. It’s a scout series that can hold up to 14 gun capacity. They offer 30 minutes fire protection in case of emergency. It’s a high security commercial grade electronic lockthat is unbreakable.

It’s just like you can’t see or use what’s inside without authorization. The product dimension is 60 x 24 x 19 inches and weigh 350 pounds. You’ll be guaranteed with lifetime warranty as long as you have it.

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2. Cannon Pistol Door Mount

Cannon Pistol Door MountThis is one of the should-read cannon challenger cannon gun safe reviews. It’s ideal to store small handguns such as pistols. It consist of six holsters for storing multiple handguns.

There is a two pockets which provide extra storage space. It can be easily installed and mounted in any place. It’s a fairly priced unit with some outstanding feedback’s and ratings on Amazon. It provide 1 year warranty for your satisfaction.

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3. Cannon Safe P22 Patriot Series Fire Safe

Cannon Safe P22 Patriot Series Fire SafeThis is a Patriot Series from Cannon brand. This model can store up to 24 guns simultaneously. It’s a premium grade safe with high quality design. It certified to withstand at-least 30 minutes of continuous fire that is incredible.

The commercial grade electronic lock increase the security of product. It measures 59 x 30 x 24 inches and backed by a lifetime warranty. It’s one of the best cannon gun safe reviews.

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Overall, these are the top cannon gun safe reviews that you can read in this site. We hope you have enjoyed our guide and learned something new. You may feel free to buy one that’s reviewed here without any hesitation.

However, there is a notice for those who’re searching for safari cannon gun safe reviews. This safari series is discontinued by the manufacturer due to lack of innovation. So it’s better to choose one from other 5 series we mentioned. Thanks in advance for having a look at this cannon gun safe reviews article. Stay safe and have a nice day!