Hi Everyone, and welcome to our best value gun safe guide. There are lot of factors to consider if you’re looking to buy the best value gun safe. It’ll be very difficult to find the appropriate model that fits your requirements if you don’t know much about the basic.

Best Value Gun Safe – Helping To Select The Best Model on Amazon

best value gun safe

It’s very important to invest in a gun safe that will 100% worth your investment. It should be valuable enough to protect your firearms, valuables, important documents and so on.

Now you have landed on the right article to discover the most accurate reviews of top 5 best value gun safe. You may definitely find the one that you’re looking for after reading this article.

Frequently, most of you might ask “who makes the best value gun safe?”. Yes, there are certain high quality manufacturers with expectational reviews on Amazon. In the rest of the article you’ll get the answer for this question. Before that try to ask the below questions yourself first.

What’s The Primary Purpose You’re Buying a Gun Safe?
What Type of Locking Mechanism You Prefer? Example : Bio-metric and Electronic Lock
The Maximum Capacity of The Gun Safe
How About Bolting, Mounting and Locking Systems of The Model?

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Top 5 Best Value Gun Safe Reviews – Our Editor’s Pick

Now you might probably some answers in your mind. Most of the people look to buy best value home gun safe to get their money worth just like you did now. Most of these are built in stainless steel and has great locking mechanisms.

You can easily buy a small handgun safe for under 100$, but some may be high based on it’s features. Alright, now you may check-out our top 5 recommended best value fire gun safe reviews below. Go ahead and make the right decision.

1. GunVault SpeedVault SV500 Gun Safe

gunvault_speedvault_sv500 (1)

It’s one of the most unique and safest gun safes in the market today. The slide out design provide quick access to the firearm in a emergency situation. It’s a cheap gun safe that acts as a pistol holder that slide out when accessed.

The design is convenient which can be mounted almost anywhere. There are holes in the sides of the safes which makes the mounting much easier. You can bolt in both vertically and horizontally in any direction you prefer. It can be stored without risk of scratching.


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2. Barska Biometric Safe

Barska Biometric Safe This is one of the best value gun safe 2013 model on Amazon. It’s a model based on biometric fingerprint technology. It’s reliable model in terms of false attempt to authorize the safe. The sturdy design helps to protect the ammunition safe from Bulgar, fire and water.

The exterior is designed out of heavy gauge steel and feature “Wake” button. This safe can store up to 30 fingerprints at once. The warranty period is 1 year limited warranty. The battery life stores up to 2 years.


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3. Stack-On PS-10-B Biometric Safe


Stack-On PS-10-B is one of the best value fireproof gun safe for the investment. You can easily insert 2 small handguns easily into it. It’s a electronically activated pry proof for responsible gun owners. It’s one of the least expensive biometric gun safe model on Amazon.

You can either type the code, use the key or use finger print to authorize the safe. Removable steel shelving helps to organize your ammunition and valuables. It’s available for less than $100 and comes with a hidden trouble key. It’s a best value gun safe.


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4. Paragon 7775 Lock and Safe


Paragon 7775 is one of the best value gun safe 2014 on Amazon. It’s a digital gun safe that’s suitable for storing ammunition and valuables. It has received 4.0/5.0 ratings out of 191+ reviews that are outstanding. The exterior is coated out of  Powder Coat and material is stainless steel.

There is a tamper-proof hinges to protect the mechanical tool attacks. There are multiple bolts included and has per-drilled holes. There is a electronic lock and LED lights. Overall, it’s a user-friendly best value gun safe model.


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5. Gunvault GV1000S Gun Safe


It’s a suitable for larger storage which can be used in home, office, bedside or in a car. It’s one of the cheapest gun which you can buy for less than 100$. This allows you for more space on all sides which all to store comfortably.

It has 4 electronic locks to protect your firearm. Precise fittings makes it impossible to open without authorization. Tamper indicator signals the invalid attempts to the safe. It can easily mounted anywhere. It’s backed by 1 year Limited Repair or Replace warranty.


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Now, we hope you have got the answer for your question of “Who Makes The Best Value Gun Safe?”. These finest value gun safe are ideal for storing small handguns such as pistols and revolvers which are the most common type of weapons owned by the people.

Hopefully this best value gun safe article would be helped you. Feel free to browse around the site and contact us if any help needed. Thanks and Cheers!